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Academic Excellence for All.

Academic Excellence is a Choice – Not a Coincidence. All students deserve the opportunity to study in an educational institution of their choice. Securing a place in an elite educational institution (e.g. Selective High School, Opportunity Class, or University) has become increasingly competitive. More students want to ensure a place in these schools as compared to the available seats.

Academic Goals for All.

We are a leader in helping students achieve their educational goals through our online test-preparation for competitive tests. All your basic concept's, lessons, quizzes, and practice tests are online, ready to use whenever you want. You have an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained under realistic testing conditions. You can learn at your pace and convenient time.

Academic Practice for All.

Early preparation and the decision of choosing an educational institution makes the admission process easier for students and parents. With NotesEdu, students get a platform to evaluate what went wrong and the opportunity to learn from mistakes. Students can retake the NotesEdu tests who are unsatisfied with their performance or unable to score the desired marks. Given a chance, each student would be able to solve typical questions of an English, GA and Mathematics test.

Academic Ability for All.

Verbal Reasoning is not part of the regular curriculum in most primary and high schools. Each topic for general ability has been carefully chosen to form the huge question bank available on our website. NotesEdu website covers each topic in detail in the form of online tests. Time to time NotesEdu will send a newsletter to students with some tips and guidance on how to make a student work quickly and carefully while not rushing and guessing wildly, or spending too much time on the tough questions.