Preparation and practice in any competition are today’s necessity. A sportsperson receives coaching and daily undergoes many hours of structured training on the ground to win the championship. If you are among those who think you don’t have enough time during the day and feel like rushing one thing to other and hardly achieve the goal, then follow the followings:

Set SMART goals (SMART-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)

Monitor your time and note how you spend your time (personal essentials, travel time, technology time-TV, phone, the Internet, etc.)

Identify the free time on weekdays and weekends,

Develop daily, weekly and term plan

Develop a schedule (To Do list)

Define the priorities

Complete the high-priority task when you feel highly energetic

Follow the program according to preference with full dedication and commitment

Measure your achievement

Reward yourself on your achievement

Managing your time before and during the Selective Tests plays an essential role in achieving a high score on an exam. Before administering the time we ask you to conduct an assessment check to see where and how much of your time is spent on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This assessment will reflect the hours remaining on the daily and weekly basis which might be utilised in the study and preparing for the exam.


Attend your school regularly as it provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and clarify your doubts. Every teacher wants its student to succeed in an exam and therefore, will often clarify your doubts that will enable you to prepare better for the exam. Always complete your homework and fully participate in school activities like sports, debating, public speaking, music or events which you enjoy the most. NotesEdu recommends spending at least one hour daily to complete the homework and review the topic covered in the school.

According to Metlife Survey of the American Teachers students who spend between 1-3 hours of their time in completing their homework have more chances of scoring A’s in their exam. For weekdays, NotesEdu recommends the students to study for one hour on homework and two hours preparing for Selective & Scholarship Placement test.

Some of you might say that you don’t have three hours of study or three hours on weekdays are too much. We recommend you to identify the activities where you can reduce or eliminate the non-productive time spend, for example, spending time on video games, the Internet or TV.


Avoid distractions like wandering thoughts, phone, TV and internet etc

Challenge negative thinking by positive thoughts

Continuously follow the schedule and meet the deadline without any failure

Review the concept which you feel difficult

Study difficult subject first when you think highly energetic

Be an active learner, i.e., brainstorm the topic, create a mind map, highlight, and test yourself by making probable questions, which can be tested in the exam

Take a short break of 5 minutes for every one hour of study

Remember your goal

Reward your hard work