You might have wondered if such a test exists that serves as a practice for Selective High School tests?

Well, OC tests provide you with a chance to prepare for the Selective tests to that you’ll appear in two years later. They serve as a warm-up for the Selective Placement Test in Year 6 and onwards. The idea behind these classes is to nurture students who perform well in their schools. The system understands your needs as a student who performs better than others. It is why you have the choice to study with students on a similar mental level as you.

The parts of an OC test

Opportunity class tests are similar in pattern to Selective High School Tests. There are three sections; English, Mathematics and General Ability. Each section comprises of multiple choice questions.

Now, we know that the last section might leave you a bit confused. You are not alone if that’s the case. The General Ability section and the questions that might be a part of it confuse most students. Allow us to make things simpler for you.

The General Ability section

If you are scared, confused or even worried, then you are wasting emotions. General Ability is the fun part of the OC test. Moreover, it is the only part where school results do not count. What could be better than that? Get all the questions right, and you score 100%.

Questions in this section include IQ testers. A problem from a previous paper looked something like this:

Which two of the following statements together prove that:


  1. Monotremes lay eggs.
  2. Echidnas are mammals.
  3. Monotremes are mammals.
  4. Echidnas are monotremes.

Answer options

  1. 1 and 3
  2. 1 and 4
  3. 2 and 4
  4. 3 and 4


There are other questions to find words which are closest in meaning to another one. Mathematics word problems are also present. The primary purpose of each item is to test your logical skills. They check how well you understand the reasoning behind an issue.

Preparation for the General Ability test

We have heard people say that it is impossible to prepare for General Ability tests. In our view that is not true.

You can prepare for verbal reasoning by increasing your vocabulary. Logical, numerical and verbal reasoning questions are quite easy to find. It is not necessary that you look for items from OC tests only. The questions are never repeated, so you have to look for new ones online.

There are vast amounts of OC practice tests available online. You can find lots of relevant material on NotesEdu too.

The most important thing to know is that these tests check your natural abilities. Many students spoil their once in lifetime chance to get into opportunity classes because they panic. It is vital to get rid your brain of fear or tension. Practice as hard as you can! Give your 100%, and you will be successful.